Smithfield UK brings delicious and nutritious meat products to millions of people in the UK in a manner that sets industry benchmarks for sustainability.

PEK is an iconic brand in the UK with over 40 years of heritage, bringing innovation, quality and filling meals to millions of consumers every year. PEK’s popularity stems from its great value and higher quality compared to other brands, which is why its consumers are fiercely loyal.

The PEK Chopped Pork canned range was launched in 1976 and has maintained its popularity in the UK ever since. With the versatility of the products, and with new flavour variants, PEK canned meats continue to be an essential item in the cupboard. Whether consumers need a quick snack or a family meal, the PEK brand is all about food which is simple, tasty and enjoyable.

Morliny is the number one meat brand in Poland, loved by consumers for its high-quality, great-tasting products, perfect for the whole family every day.

Recognised by Superbrands in Poland in 2009, 2010 and 2012 as the strongest-performing meat brand, Morliny offers a wide spectrum of products from boczek to traditional sausages, sliced meats to hot dogs. Sub-brand, Berlinki, is the number one hot dog brand in Poland.

The Morliny brand has now been established in the UK for some years, and has proven popular due to its accessibility, quality and taste.

Krakus, one of the oldest deli meat brands in Poland, was formed in 1951 to supply a taste of home to the large communities of Polish people who had migrated to other countries around the world.

With over 60 years of producing high quality deli meats, Krakus is recognised for its expertise in producing traditional dried sausage, hams and canned meats, making it a family favourite in Poland. Today Krakus is one of Poland’s best-known brands both at home and in many other countries.

Now available in the UK, the legendary Krakus meat range is a testament to the continuing Polish art of producing exceptional deli meats from traditional Polish recipes, offering the same quality and taste as when the brand first began.